BIG NEWS.  I’ve been nominated for the Unique Blogger award by none other than the lovely Monique. THANK YOU MONIQUE YOU ARE THE GREATEST, THE BESTEST, THE MOST UNIQUE OF ALL. Everyone, go give her a follow RIGHT NOW.

The Rules: 

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them three questions.

The Questions: 

  1. What is it about blogging that makes you come back day after day?

THE PEOPLE. Seriously, this community is absolutely amazing. I know I haven’t been posting as much the past few weeks but I still read up on what everyone has been doing and I’m obsessed with each and every one of you. I’ve only been doing this for a few months and I’ve already met some amazing people. Another plus is that we all share a love of reading and expressing our interests. I think this is the most amazing part of blogging for me. It’s not so much about how many followers I have or how many people are reading my blog, but the creative outlet that blogging has given me. I’ve always been someone who lives inside their head without the ability to let those thoughts out but blogging gives me that opportunity.

2. What would you like to see more of in books and why?

I’m sure everyone can agree with this one but I would like to see a more diverse cast of characters in terms of sexuality and ethnicity! I think the bookish community has done a really great job of holding authors accountable for their lack of diversity and we have had some great discussions regarding people of color and LGBTQ+ representation in YA books. Another thing I would like to see more of is rather what I would like to see less of. GIRL HATE. IT’S THE WORST. I’ve talked about this before, but i absolutely HATE girl-hating/bullying in books. I know it’s a part of a lot of our own history’s but I think a story is 100% improved if we have a cast of badass female characters who are friends rather than ones who HATE each other every step of the way.

3. Tell us about your favourite hobby outside of reading. What makes it a passion of yours?

This is kind of a hard one for me! I feel like my go to hobby is always reading. I don’t know if this counts but I love to shop! Fashion is another big part of my life and I’m always spending way too much money at my favorite stores! I love to walk to Georgetown and go shopping, even if I don’t buy anything. It’s very therapeutic for me and one of my favorite things to do, especially by myself (which sounds kind of weird, I know!)

I Nominate:

Jackie @ toomuchofabooknerd 

Kris @ lemon-notes 

Olivia Chanel’s Galaxy of Books 

Bookmark Your Thoughts 

Brookie Cowles

My Questions: 

  1. What is your favorite guilty pleasure read/tv show/movie? This can be that trashy romance novel you just can’t put down or the reality TV show you can’t help but love.
  2. What is your favorite social media site and why? (facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter, tumblr, ETC) And what has been your favorite book you’ve read that you heard about through blogging, booktube, bookstagram??
  3. What is the one thing non-bookish that you absolutely cannot live without??

As always, if you do not do tags or you’ve already done this one, or you just don’t feel like it no worries! I’m looking forward to reading all of your responses!!

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8 thoughts on “[AWARD] UNIQUE BLOGGER!

  1. Thank you for the nomination love! I too love the community! The people I’ve met here are wonderful (including you 🙂 ) and I’m always eager to see what they are up to! It would be amazing to go to a book event and see some bloggers one day! I also cannot stand girl hate…I admit, I relate to it for I was terrified of girls until undergrad – then I met really nice girlfriends who are my everything 🙂 But I want more books that advocate for love and the bond of friendship between girls. I see it a lot in manga, where girls don’t like one another but they at least don’t destroy each other – a lot of American and European literature has this focus on girl hate and it really bothers me. I will definitely let you know when I make my post about this award thing ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. THANK YOU FOR THE TAG, YOU LOVELY HUMAN BEING YOU. I also come back for the people. AKA blogging is how I found you??? WHICH IS LOVELY AND I AM SO HAPPY.


  3. Girl hate is totally the worst ughhhhh! And the people, the blogging community is totally the best part of blogging, I agree! ❤ Love everyone I've talked to here, it's so lovely making friends and sharing a common love for books ahah. 🙂


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