A Conjuring of Light- Release and V.E. Schwab Meetup!


yes, you read that right! I went to the brilliant Victoria Schwab’s book signing for the release of her latest novel A Conjuring of Light (book #3 in the Shades of Magic Series). I’ve been following Victoria on social media (facebook, insta, twitter, etc) for some time since I started reading the series earlier this year and was extremely excited for the release of ACOL. If you’re unfamiliar with the shades of magic series, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!? Just kidding, but seriously you need to hop on the V.E. Schwab bandwagon IMMEDIATELY. She is absolutely brilliant and has recently become one of my favorite authors!

The first book in the series is called A Darker Shade of Magic. It centers on an antari magician named Kell who has the ability to travel between three existing London’s, each with their own unique relationship to magic. While in Grey London, a London without magic, he meets the badass cross-dressing thief and pirate-wannabe Lila Bard, they cross paths and chaos ensues as they travel throughout the London’s in order to stop a dark magic from spreading.

I read A Darker Shade of Magic and A Gathering of Shadows in November/December 2016 so I didn’t have to wait too long for the release of ACOL, but I had the book on preorder as soon as I finished AGOS. I saw on Victoria’s twitter that she was coming to the DC/Virginia area at the end of February as part of the release tour and was super excited to get the chance to go. The day of the event I was actually feeling really sick and almost didn’t make it- but I knew I would have regretted it and I really wanted to see her in person. She has been super inspiring and open on social media talking about her struggles with anxiety and the writing/revision process so I knew she was going to be just as amazing and down to earth in person. At the event, I had brought my preordered copy of ACOL and purchased a copy of her other book, Vicious to have signed. My goal before the event was to have finished ACOL but unsurprisingly I got very emotional toward the end of the book and was having a hard time finishing. This ended up being a hilarious conversation I had with Victoria as I went up to have my copy signed (see pictures below!!) She gave a 20-30 minute talk about the series and the process of writing and publishing in general and then opened it up to questions from the audience. After, we lined up to get our books signed where she personalized up to three copies! I was nervous at first because I wasn’t sure what I was going to say but as I got up to her her I told her how emotional I was and that I was too scared to finish the book because I didn’t want any of my beloved characters to die. She and her assistant laughed and asked to see the place in the book where I left off (I literally had less than 50 pages left!) They started freaking out saying “You have to finish, you have to finish!!” She also told me to write her on twitter when i did finish to let her know what I thought. Another reason I love Victoria is that she is extremely responsive on twitter to her fans and has replied/favorited most of the tweets I’ve sent her way, which just makes me fangirl hardcore.

All in all it was an awesome event and I had so much fun being surrounded by other readers and bibliophiles. I’m determined to attend more book releases in my area and hopefully make it to some festivals once con season starts!

As for A Conjuring of Light I gave the book a 4.8 rating- it was my favorite of the series and I WAS LIVING for all of the Alucard/Rhy/Lila/Kell scenes but there was something about the ending that I couldn’t quite out my finger on..maybe just one more interaction with all of our faves?! Anyway the ending was still amazing and I was extremely happy! What were your thoughts on the book/series? How did you feel about the ending if you’ve finished it? Let me know in the comments!



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